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Gai-jin Kekkonshiki
Japanese style weddings & event themes for the non-Japanese

Kyo wa 2018 02 24


The Haori



The Many Faces of the Haori.

Not so keen on all the work it takes to put on a kimono? Try a haori. It's more like a jacket than a kimono and does not require the sashes and belts galore to hold it all together. Just a simple haori himo to join the front together. You can wear it over whatever else you might be wearing to give yourself a little Japanese flair.

Again, there are so many choices! For the most formal men's attire you're usually stuck with darker colors such as brown or blue, but mostly black  (see the groom's page) but then there's also a splash of color...

Formal men's kimono are often displayed inside out as in the above example. The outside is a black and the inside usually has some kind of scene as pictured above.

Reputable vendors to buy haori from on Ebay

The shipping can be steep but you won't be disappointed (or at least I never have been) with the following ebay vendors.

  • hana_co - Buy your undies here! Hana-co sells everything you'll need to accessorize your kimono. THey also have their own website.
  • yamatoku-classic - A great company to deal with on the web. They also have their own website where they sell clothing and a variety of other goods.
  • ryujapan-99 - Does not speak english but ryu's translation software seems to do the trick! Nice person to deal with, offering a variety of Japanese clothing and goods.
  • Pirot29 - mostly obis, but a great vendor

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