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Gai-jin Kekkonshiki
Japanese style weddings & event themes for the non-Japanese

Kyo wa 2018 02 24


The Groom's Page



So what does the groom wear? 

Lots of stuff... But not as much as the bride!

The groom wears a few layers of Kimono and sash. Starting from the first to the last...

Shoes & Socks - Geta & Tabi - げた と たび

Don't forget your feet! You will likely wear geta sandals along with black tabi socks, which are split-toed socks. There are a number of styles of both geta. See below for examples.

Hada Juban

Even the guys get to wear some nifty underwear. The first layer is the hada juban. Hada means skin. Hada juban is underwear (or undershirt) that is worn as the first under undergarment. Hada juban is washable and prevents the Han juban / juban and Kimono from getting dirty.

Han Juban

Han juban is an undergarment (half-length) for men. It is worn under Kimono.  


The full length juban is usually a silk and a lot more 'pretty' than the other two type of underwear. It is worn under Kimono.


The man's formal kimono will generally be long black silk and have 5 mon on it. Mon are the white circles, three on the back and two on the front. It can show where you are from or what family you are part of.

 Koshi Himo

The koshi himo will hold the kimono in place while you put on your pants! Koshi Himo is the first belt to tie around the waist. You need 2 or 3 Koshi Himo for Juban and Kimono. They can be made of Hakata Ori brocade or silk or cotton I am sure.

Hakama Pants

Just like big koulats for guys. They come in divided and undivided so you can wear a skirt if you don't feel like having the other guys mock your koulats ;). They also come in a variety of colors! For the more formal occasions the guys tone it down. There's a bunch of straps on this thing and it's a lot of fun to tie.

Kaku Obi

For a man's kimono there is the kaku obi, it is a harder and narrower and less dramatic obi than the women folk wear but it serves the same purpose. It is a finishing layer of belt to hold everything together.


The haori is worn over the entire outfit as somewhat of a jacket. It is generally short and worn hanging open with a cord across the front to hold it in place. For formal occasions you will again see the mon crests here, three on back, two on front.

The insides of the haori will usually have a nifty design as seen here in this haori which is displayed inside out.

Haori Himo

The haori himo is the cord that joins the open front of the haori. They come in a variety of colors and styles. Of course, again, for the more formal occasions you're not going to want to show up with a neon pink one. They can be tied in a few different ways.

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